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GYM CONQUER ジム筋華のブランドイメージ

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Sales company:



Crest Palace Minami Gyotoku Room 002, 2-22-15 Kakemama, Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture 272-0142

telephone number:


email address:

Chief operations manager:

Kazuhiro Kobayashi

home page:

Selling price:

Please refer to each service page.

Prices other than products:

There are no costs other than personal training service fees and rental gym service fees.

payment method:

You can use cash, credit card, debit card, various smartphone payments, Rakuten Pay, Alipay, and bank transfer..

Product delivery time:

We will provide personal training services or rental gym services at the time and date you book.

Cancellation policy/refund policy:

For changes or cancellations made within 24 hours of your reservation, please contact us directly.
In addition, if the reservation cancellation deadline (within 24 hours of reservation) is exceeded,

We do not generally accept refunds, so we will make individual arrangements for a different date and time.
Please note that if you cancel without prior notice, we will not be able to make individual arrangements for a different date and time.

Regarding plan purchases (bulk tickets), we cannot accept cancellations or refunds after payment.

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