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GYM CONQUER ジム筋華のブランドイメージ

Equipment introduction

Spend a meaningful training time in our spacious, private space of approximately 30 square meters, fully equipped with facilities that will satisfy everyone from beginners to experts.
*Equipped with changing rooms, toilets, shower rooms, and running water.

GYM CONQUER ジム筋華のブランドイメージ


A softbox can make the light look natural and capture the texture of the skin beautifully . It is easy to use, just set it up facing the place you want to shoot , and you can adjust the softness of the light and the shadows by slightly changing the distance and angle.

[ How to use ]

  1. Point the softbox towards your shooting area.

  2. It should be set at the right distance and angle from your subject, usually with the light coming from slightly above.

  3. The closer you get to the subject the softer the light will be, and the further away you move the light the sharper the shadows will be.

  4. Combine with a reflector or another softbox for even more versatile lighting effects.

● Fixed tripod for smartphones and digital cameras (with Bluetooth shutter button)

There are also tripods for your smartphone or digital camera, so you can easily take selfies by yourself.

●Ceiling light (with dimming and color adjustment functions)

You can adjust the brightness to your liking using the dimming function, and change the atmosphere of your shoot by adjusting the color temperature using the color adjustment function .

[How to use]

  • The brightness can be freely adjusted, giving you precise control over the amount of light you need to capture your shot, allowing you to create the ideal lighting environment.

  • Adjust the color temperature to change the mood of your shot from warm to cool, mimic the natural light of a sunrise or sunset, or recreate the color of light for a specific scene.

● LED light (constant light)

The LED light allows you to take uniform and beautiful photos in any environment . It's easy to use, just place the light in your shooting space and adjust the distance and angle . The closer you move it, the stronger the light will be, and the further away it will be, the weaker it will be.

[How to use]

  1. Install an LED light in your shooting space and adjust the distance and angle to suit your subject.

  2. To indirectly adjust the light intensity, change the distance between the light and the subject: closer = more light, farther = less light.

  3. A reflector is used to bounce the light from the LED lights for a more natural lighting effect.


A reflector reflects light onto the subject to improve the quality of lighting . It is used for a wide range of purposes, including portraits, product photography, and videography , and can significantly improve the quality of your photography by adjusting the direction and intensity of the light.

[How to use]

  1. A reflector is placed between the light source and the subject to be photographed, and it reflects the light towards the subject.

  2. Choose the color of the reflector (white, silver, or gold) depending on the scene and effect you want to create. White creates a soft light effect, silver creates a strong reflection, and gold creates a warm light effect .

  3. You can adjust the light intensity by changing the distance between the reflector and the subject. The closer you are, the stronger the light will be, and the farther you are, the weaker the light will be.

  4. It reflects light softly and evenly, reducing shadows and bringing out the details of your subject.

  5. By balancing light and shadow, and using gold in particular, the warm light makes skin tones look beautiful.


  • The white background reflects light and makes the most of the lighting effects , making your complexion look brighter and smoother on the skin texture .
    It is perfect for when you want to capture a subject with a bright and clean image.

  • A black background creates a strong contrast between light and shadow, making muscle lines, cuts and body shape more prominent .
    It is also recommended for shooting dramatic and cool images.

  • The green background is used if you want to change the background later with digital compositing .
    Please use this if you want to cut out, process, and combine backgrounds.
    Since the subject has no similar colors, it is easier to cut out than a typical cluttered background or black and white.


Umbrellas can soften the light and spread it over a wider area , softening harsh direct light and providing a gentler lighting for your subject .

[How to use]

  1. Attach the umbrella to a light stand and point it towards a light source.

  2. Adjust the angle of the umbrella to get the best lighting effect, taking into account the position of the umbrella in relation to your subject.

  3. You can control how soft or diffuse the light is by varying the distance between your umbrella and your subject. The closer you are, the softer the light will be.

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