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Strategies for Combating Weather Pain: Overcoming the Atmospheric Stand Attack!

Why Does Lower Air Pressure Affect Our Health?

"You will feel pain like never before..." Yes, when air pressure drops, it feels like a stand attack from Dio. But why does the fluctuation in air pressure cause us so much trouble? Generally, it is believed that the change in pressure confuses the autonomic nervous system. However, the truth is more complex than that!

This image, in a dramatic JoJo's Bizarre Adventure style, illustrates the concept of weather pain. It includes elements like atmospheric pressure, stormy skies, and a character resembling Dio using his stand to manipulate the weather, causing pain to a person clutching their head in distress. The image is colorful and dynamic, capturing the intense and surreal nature of the JoJo universe.

The Impact of Air Pressure Fluctuations

The arrival of a typhoon, like a sudden stand battle, brings about rapid changes in air pressure that can disrupt the autonomic nervous system. Yet, when the typhoon passes and pressure rises, we don't hear much about health problems. The true enemy lies elsewhere!

A New Theory: Inner Ear Sensors

Recent research suggests that sensors in the inner ear detect air pressure, and in sensitive individuals, these sensors send excessive signals to the brain, causing discomfort. This is the real nature of "weather pain"! Massaging and warming the ears can mitigate the stand attack!

How Air Pressure Affects the Body

"The air pressure stand attack shows no mercy!" When air pressure drops, internal body pressure relatively increases, compressing nerves and causing joint pain along with swelling. Studies in rats and humans have shown that low pressure can induce pain. But it is not just the pressure; humidity is another stand we must face!

The Connection Between Air Pressure and Humidity

"If the air pressure drop is a stand attack, humidity is its accomplice!" In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), excessive moisture is called "damp evil," causing swelling, headaches, dizziness, and loss of appetite. Women are more susceptible to these changes due to their slower metabolism of water.

The Impact of Humidity

"The humidity stand is formidable..." A study by Rohto Pharmaceutical found that 80% of women experience weather pain, especially headaches. Research comparing various factors like air pressure, humidity, PM2.5, and carbon monoxide found that humidity most significantly triggers headaches.

TCM Solutions

"Combat the stand attack with countermeasures!" TCM recommends foods that remove dampness and reduce swelling. Watermelon, wax gourd, adlay, corn, leeks, and ginger are effective. Herbal medicines like "Goreisan" and "Bokiyoukitou" are also beneficial. Rohto Pharmaceutical's "Kiaguard," an extract of Goreisan, is worth trying.

Other Measures

"Prepare for the stand battle!" Regular exercise, half-body baths, saunas, reducing salt intake, and consuming potassium are recommended. Taking diuretic substances like citrulline is also helpful. Maintaining good hydration helps improve water metabolism, reducing the impact of humidity.

The Importance of Vitamin D

"Avoid the stand attack by supplementing Vitamin D!" Shorter daylight hours can lead to Vitamin D deficiency, but this can be easily supplemented. Those suffering from weather pain should ensure adequate Vitamin D intake before the rainy season.


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