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How to Reduce Visceral Fat: The Miraculous Effects of Apple Polyphenol and Lactoferrin

Visceral fat! It lurks within our bodies, threatening our health like a hidden enemy. But hope shines brightly! While regular dieting can reduce visceral fat first, let's explore more potent methods.

The Mystery of Apple Polyphenol

In experiments with rats, the miraculous effects of apple polyphenol, also known as apple phenon, were confirmed. Visceral fat melts away as if struck by a powerful JoJo stand attack.

In a human study involving 71 participants, consuming 600mg of apple polyphenol daily for 12 weeks resulted in significant visceral fat reduction and an increase in adiponectin levels. It's like a golden wind blowing through your body!

A dramatic and stylized illustration in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure style depicting the powerful effects of apple polyphenol and lactoferrin on reducing visceral fat. The compounds are personified as muscular and flamboyant heroes fighting against visceral fat monsters in an energetic and colorful action scene.

The Power of Lactoferrin

Next up is lactoferrin, a force to be reckoned with. In a study of obese men and women, consuming 300mg of lactoferrin daily for 8 weeks resulted in a significant reduction in visceral fat compared to the control group. This effect is attributed to the increased phosphorylation of hormone-sensitive lipase.

Stress and Cortisol

For middle-aged men, increased abdominal fat is often due to stress, which triggers cortisol secretion. Cortisol activates enzymes involved in fatty acid synthesis and increases appetite. This process is particularly active in the abdomen, leading to fat accumulation.

To combat cortisol, consider using vitamin C, phosphatidylserine, Relora, and other supplements. These can be your allies in the battle against visceral fat.

The Combination of Exercise and Garlic

Remarkable research results show that rats on a high-fat diet were divided into groups receiving exercise, garlic, or both. The group with both exercise and garlic had the most significant reduction in abdominal fat. This combination is a powerful strategy against visceral fat.

The Effects of a Ketogenic Diet

A ketogenic diet is also effective in reducing visceral fat. In studies with women suffering from ovarian and endometrial cancer, a ketogenic diet significantly reduced body and visceral fat compared to a high-fiber, low-fat diet, and improved insulin sensitivity.

In another study with 24 healthy men, a ketogenic diet combined with exercise reduced abdominal fat without significant changes in body weight, suggesting muscle gain.



To reduce visceral fat effectively, incorporate apple polyphenol and lactoferrin, manage stress, combine exercise with garlic, and consider a ketogenic diet. With these methods, you can dramatically reduce visceral fat and achieve a healthier body!


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