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Benefits and Drawbacks of Vegetables: Jotaro's Perspective

"Life is the vehicle for genes," says Richard Dawkins. We, as living beings, act selfishly at our core, yet we also perform altruistic actions to ensure the survival of our species. This applies not only to humans but to animals and plants as well. The shocking truth is that many vegetables have evolved to be "unpleasant" to deter animals from eating them. This dramatic revelation awaits you!

Jotaro Kujo stands in a dramatic pose surrounded by various vegetables. He points at a large tomato, emphasizing its importance. The background includes vegetables like potatoes, celery, and spinach, some with a dark aura indicating their toxic properties.

The Selfish Evolution of Vegetables

The reason many vegetables aren't tasty is due to their natural defense mechanisms against being eaten by animals. For example, the sprouts of potatoes contain solanine, a toxin that threatens our health. This toxin is destroyed by heat, so cooking is essential. In contrast, fruits evolved to be sweet and delicious to encourage animals to eat them and spread their seeds.

The Presence of Toxins in Vegetables

Substances like abscisic acid in watermelon and grape seeds help plants retain water but can be toxic to humans. Celery contains psoralen, which increases sensitivity to UV light, posing a health risk. These toxins can be neutralized by cooking, emphasizing the importance of proper preparation.

Goitrogens and Anti-Vitamins

Goitrogens in cruciferous vegetables inhibit iodine absorption by the thyroid, potentially causing goiter. However, the Japanese diet, rich in iodine from seaweed, balances this out. Conversely, wild ferns like bracken contain thiaminase, which destroys vitamin B1, highlighting the need for careful cooking.

The Power of Tomatoes

Tomatoes contain lycopene, a potent antioxidant that eliminates singlet oxygen, protecting against sun damage. Lycopene is most effective when consumed with olive oil, reducing cardiovascular disease risk. For those on a diet, tomato juice is recommended due to its fat-burning properties; 500ml daily is ideal.



While vegetables are packed with beneficial nutrients, they also contain toxins and anti-vitamins. Awareness of how to properly prepare and consume them is crucial to maximizing their health benefits. This is the strategy for us, as vehicles for our genes, to live healthily!

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