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Propolis: Feel the Power of Nature!

"Great, this is fantastic!" According to a market survey conducted in May 2020, "the demand for propolis surged between March and April." There is no doubt that this is due to the impact of COVID-19. And this propolis, it can be described as a masterpiece created by bees!

Bees collecting resin from tree buds and bark. The vibrant green propolis is highlighted, with a beehive in the background. Dramatic and powerful depiction in the style of JOJO.

What is Propolis? Unveiling the Mystery!

Propolis is a miraculous substance made by bees, who mix the resin and pigments they collect from tree buds, bark, and other sources with their own secretions. The composition varies depending on the origin, collection time, plant source, and extraction method, but its powerful antibacterial properties are undeniable.

The Impact of COVID-19 and the Surge in Propolis Demand

Due to the pandemic, the demand for propolis has skyrocketed not only in Japan but also internationally. Particularly noteworthy is the increased orders from the Chinese diaspora. They utilize this "natural shield" to the fullest, leveraging their ancient knowledge.

Brazilian Green Propolis: Witness Its Power!

The "green propolis" harvested in Brazil is especially noteworthy. The main component of this propolis, Artepillin C, prevents cell death caused by oxidative stress and exhibits antioxidant effects. It also influences glucose and lipid metabolism, contributing to health maintenance.

Extraction Methods and Their Effects

Propolis is typically extracted using ethanol (alcohol), but ultrasonic extraction methods also exist. Both methods significantly reduce bacteriophages and demonstrate strong antibacterial and antiviral effects.

The Science Behind Propolis

A study by Chubu University confirmed that the ethanol extract of green propolis converts white fat cells into brown fat cells, showcasing its potential as a weight loss savior. Additionally, propolis intake is expected to alleviate allergy symptoms.

Safety and Reliability: Identify the Real Deal!

The safety of propolis has also been confirmed. It is non-carcinogenic and may even extend lifespan. However, there are reports that Chinese-made propolis may be "resin," with artificially extracted components added, so caution is needed.

Tips for Purchasing: Seek the Truth!

When purchasing propolis, it is crucial to choose products labeled "Brazilian" or "Green Propolis." They can also be distinguished by color; Brazilian propolis is green, while Chinese, European, and American propolis are dark brown.


Conclusion: Experience the Power of Propolis!

Propolis is once again in the spotlight due to its powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties. In the era of COVID-19, its importance continues to grow. Choose reliable propolis and use it to maintain your health.


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