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Unleash the Power of Iron! Discover Its Hidden Benefits

BOOM! The hidden power of iron within your body is now revealed. Iron is not just a metal; understanding its true strength will dramatically change your health awareness!

The Crucial Functions of Iron

Produces Red Blood Cells and Transports Oxygen

Iron deficiency reduces the blood's oxygen-carrying capacity, similar to a Stand's power weakening, causing a critical situation.

A muscular person holding a glowing vial labeled "Iron," surrounded by dynamic energy waves. The dramatic scene features exaggerated motion lines and vibrant colors, symbolizing the vital functions of iron.

Stores Oxygen in Muscles

Iron is an essential component of myoglobin, a protein that stores oxygen in muscles. Without iron, muscles can't exert their full strength.

Produces Energy

Iron deficiency disrupts energy production, leading to fatigue. It's akin to a Stand user losing energy.

Produces Catalase

Iron is a material for catalase, an enzyme that removes reactive oxygen species. Without iron, the body can't protect itself from oxidative damage.

Produces Neurotransmitters

Iron is necessary for synthesizing neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. Iron deficiency can lead to irritability, depression, and panic symptoms.

Exercise-Induced Anemia

Marathon runners often experience "exercise-induced anemia," where the impact on the soles during running breaks red blood cells. Female runners are especially prone due to menstrual iron loss.

Types of Iron

Iron comes in two forms: heme iron found in animal products (absorbed at 10-30%) and non-heme iron found in plants (absorbed at 1-5%). Heme iron is preferred for its higher absorption rate and gentler effect on the stomach and intestines.

Recommended Intake and Precautions

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Recommended Intake

Men: 7.9mg/day, Women: 7.0mg/day

Adult Men: 7.0-7.5mg/day, Adult Women (with menstruation): 10.5-11.0mg/day

Excessive iron intake can lead to cardiovascular diseases. Men over 40 should opt for iron-free multivitamins.

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