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Master the Effects of Niacin! - Dio Brando's Secrets to Absolute Power

"The secret to surpassing human limits lies in niacin!"

Niacin can bring astonishing benefits to our bodies, but mastering its power requires knowledge. In this article, we explore the effects and potential issues of high-dose niacin intake from the charismatic perspective of Dio Brando.

An image representing the effects of high-dose niacin intake in the style of Dio Brando. A charismatic character emphasizes the importance of niacin.

The Issues with High-Dose Niacin Intake

Recapping the previous discussion, NAD+ is quickly broken down when taken directly, so taking precursors like NMN or NR is more effective. Similarly, niacin requires very high doses to achieve this effect. However, combining the still-costly NR with niacin can reduce the required amount of niacin while still delivering results.

"But unleashing the power of niacin requires caution!"

Niacin Flush

High-dose niacin intake can cause "niacin flush," resulting in symptoms like skin redness, itching, and a warm sensation due to histamine release. These symptoms subside within a few hours, but they can be surprising for those unfamiliar with them. However, niacin flush is beneficial as it reduces inflammation and can prevent conditions like colitis and colon cancer. It also improves blood circulation and enhances workout pumps, which is why niacin is included in NO supplements.

"Niacin flush is the mark of power!"

Methyl Group Deficiency

Another issue with high-dose niacin is the depletion of methyl groups. Methylation, attaching methyl groups, is essential for various metabolic processes, including heavy metal modification, gene expression regulation, protein function modulation, and RNA regulation. Niacin acts as a methyl group acceptor, meaning high doses can deplete these crucial groups.

Homocysteine, a metabolic byproduct, can cause arterial damage if not properly methylated back into methionine. A study involving 52 patients showed that 3000mg of niacin increased homocysteine levels by 55%. To counter this, large doses of vitamins B6 and B12, along with folic acid, are necessary.

"Replenish your methyl groups to fully harness niacin's power!"

Liver Impact

High doses of niacin can also stress the liver. To protect the liver, consider taking lecithin, which also serves as a methyl donor. Around 5g of lecithin daily should suffice.

Combining NR and Niacin

NR is still expensive, but combining it with niacin can reduce the required amounts of both. This combination has shown to improve endurance and reduce fatigue. I (Seto) have tried this and noticed rejuvenated skin and a younger appearance.

"NR and niacin together form the ultimate combination!"

When taking high doses of niacin, start with small amounts and gradually increase. For example, if 50mg causes a flush, take 50mg once daily for 2-3 days until the flush subsides, then increase to twice daily, and so on. Eventually, switch to 500mg tablets.

"Carefully and steadily harness the power of niacin!"


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