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How to Improve Body Odor

"Purple Haze! Unleash your destructive power to annihilate the enemy of body odor!" As a child, the distinctive scent at my grandfather's house always puzzled me. The truth behind that scent, now revealed, is like a chaotic battle against aging odor. The cause and the solution—discover them and fight back!

A dramatic JoJo's Bizarre Adventure-style scene with Purple Haze, depicting a battle against body odor. A figure stands in the foreground holding a glowing bottle labeled 'Vitamin E' and a red capsule labeled 'Astaxanthin,' ready to combat the dark mist of bad odors.

Unmasking the Cause of Aging Odor

The culprit behind aging odor is a fatty acid called "palmitoleic acid." When it oxidizes, it transforms into a substance known as "nonenal," which emits that distinctive scent. Men, with their higher sebum production, often suffer more from this condition. But we have the weapon to fight back—Vitamin E!

Take Vitamin E daily! Aim for 800 IU per day. This vitamin prevents the oxidation of palmitoleic acid, thus inhibiting the formation of nonenal, our olfactory nemesis.

The Hidden Danger of Macadamia Nut Oil

Beware the allure of macadamia nut oil. Used for its beauty benefits, it is rich in palmitoleic acid, which can worsen aging odor. A hidden trap within a seemingly beneficial substance. Choose wisely between beauty and scent.

The Secret Power of Astaxanthin

Our next weapon is Astaxanthin. According to research by Fuji Chemical Industry, consuming 12 mg of astaxanthin daily significantly reduces aging odor. This miraculous result is truly revolutionary!

Battling Sweat and Ammonia Odor

Next, we face "sweat odor" and "ammonia odor." Sweat glands, known as "eccrine glands" and "apocrine glands," play different roles. While sweat is primarily water, a lack of exercise and poor diet can alter its composition, leading to unpleasant smells.

Implementing the Strategy

To prevent sweat odor, maintain hydration and exercise regularly. Adding citric acid to your bath can also help reduce odor. For ammonia odor, be cautious with protein intake post-training.

Decoding the Ornithine Cycle

When protein is broken down in the body, ammonia is produced. The Ornithine Cycle is essential for processing this ammonia. By consuming enough amino acids like citrulline, arginine, and aspartic acid, we can enhance this cycle's efficiency.

Incorporate soy protein and asparagus into your diet to strengthen the ornithine cycle and combat odor effectively!


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