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Fasting Training: A Joseph Joestar-Inspired Adventure

The World! What happens when you train on an empty stomach? Join Joseph Joestar in uncovering the truth in this grand adventure!

Illustration of a muscular man engaging in weight training while fasting. The background features intricate and bold patterns and dynamic, exaggerated poses reflective of the JOJO style. The scene uses vibrant colors and dramatic lighting to highlight the training equipment and the character's focus and resilience.

Fasting Training and Muscle Growth

The increase in catabolic processes! This is the enemy of muscles! Some argue that fasting training increases catabolism, making it unsuitable for muscle growth. However, others believe that fasting primarily uses fat for energy, so there's nothing to worry about. Next,

you'll say, "So, what's the actual outcome?"

The Effects of Aerobic Exercise While Fasting

The Data! A study involving 16 experienced trainees who performed weight training four times a week during Ramadan fasting found that the fasting group lost an average of 0.2 kg of lean body mass and reduced body fat by 0.7%.

In contrast, the group that trained after eating gained an average of 0.3 kg of lean body mass and reduced body fat by 0.4%. Another study comparing Ramadan fasting and non-fasting groups showed that the fasting group, training on an empty stomach, lost 0.1 kg of lean body mass and reduced body fat by 0.7%.

Next, you'll say, "What does this data reveal?"

The Ultimate Conclusion... A systematic review concluded that regardless of the reason for fasting, the impact on lean body mass (LBM) is considered harmful. However, maintaining LBM is possible, and fasting is effective for reducing body fat.

The Impact of Age and Gender

A review involving adolescent athletes showed that training three times a week during Ramadan fasting did not change weight or body composition in the first four weeks. Additionally, a study on female mice showed that six hours of fasting increased body fat and worsened glucose tolerance.

For women aiming for weight loss, fasting might have adverse effects.

Next, you'll say, "So, what should be done?"

Fasting Training for Muscle Building vs. Weight Loss

Fasting training is not suitable for increasing muscle mass but can be effective for weight loss and maintaining lean body mass. However, it might not be suitable for women.

Preventing Weight Loss Failure in Bodybuilding Contests

First-time bodybuilding contestants often fail in weight loss. They might think they've bulked up significantly and can retain a lot of muscle mass when cutting. However, due to high intramuscular fat, they lose size overall and get discouraged.

Next, you'll say, "How can this be prevented?"

The Solution is... Light aerobic exercise while fasting! A study showed that cycling for 120 minutes in the morning on an empty stomach resulted in 66% of total energy expenditure from fat oxidation, particularly using intramuscular fat.

Preventing Muscle Breakdown

Supplementing with protein or amino acids before aerobic exercise can prevent muscle breakdown. A study involving 17 cyclists showed that consuming a protein-rich meal before exercise had similar fat oxidation rates to fasting.

By taking EAA or protein immediately after waking up and then performing aerobic exercise (preferably HIIT), it is possible to protect muscles while burning fat.


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