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Constipation Solutions: Scientific Approaches in the World of DIO

Constipation Solutions: Unveiling the Science with DIO's Power

"You no longer need to suffer from constipation! With the power of DIO, we shall conquer this affliction through the might of science!"

1. The Fateful Differences in Constipation between Men and Women

There are two types of people in this world: those who suffer from constipation and those who do not. Using the power of science, let's unveil the differences! According to studies on rats, there are sex differences in the spinal defecation center. Men have their colonic movements enhanced by dopamine and serotonin, while women have this effect nullified by GABA! This is because women have a uterus near their colon, and GABA is activated to endure childbirth pain.

DIO from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure standing in a commanding pose with a dark background. Surrounding him are glowing serotonin molecules, shadowy GABA figures, and intricate TRPV4 channels, representing scientific concepts of constipation relief.

2. Boost Serotonin to Conquer Constipation!

DIO has discovered the answer: Increase serotonin! To combat constipation in women, consume the following nutrients:

  • Tryptophan

  • 5-HTP

  • Vitamin B6

These help produce serotonin, which is key to defeating constipation!

3. Renin-Angiotensin System and Constipation

Let's delve deeper! The renin-angiotensin system in the intestines reduces the absorption of tryptophan transporters (ACE2/B0AT-1), leading to a decrease in serotonin. To break this curse, administer angiotensin receptor blockers (irbesartan), improving tryptophan absorption, serotonin production, and gut health!

4. The Enigma of TRPV4 Channels

And now, another mystery: TRPV4 channels! These were discovered as osmosensitive receptors and are involved in making the colon less responsive to stretching stimuli. Klebsiella, Enterococcus, and E. coli bacteria increase TRPV4, leading to constipation! However, when cultured with butyrate, TRPV4 increases are suppressed. Probiotics like Miyari-san, which produce butyrate, are the answer!


DIO's Commandments for Conquering Constipation!

  • Boost Serotonin through Diet: Consume foods rich in tryptophan and vitamin B6!

  • Improve Gut Health: Use irbesartan and butyrate-producing probiotics!


The key to conquering constipation lies in a gender-specific approach and improving gut health! With the power of science, break free from the chains of constipation and live a refreshed life!


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