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The Power of Chewing, Like Love Deluxe!

BANG! Never underestimate the power of chewing! A groundbreaking study published in 2021 revealed that chewing gum can actually make your hair thicker. Whaaaat?!

Conducted by Lotte's research team, the study compared two groups: one that chewed gum for an extended period and one that chewed for a short time. The long-duration group had significantly thicker hair at the crown of their heads. Specifically, the long-duration group chewed for an average of 51.1 minutes, while the short-duration group chewed for an average of 10.0 minutes. WHOOOSH! Chewing gum for 51 minutes straight requires focus akin to a Stand user!

An illustration of a person chewing gum with intense focus. The background features an energy field symbolizing serotonin release, and the person's hair is becoming thicker and healthier as they chew. Musical notes and rhythmic lines emphasize the rhythmic chewing motion.

The Miracle Link Between Chewing and the Brain!

Did you know that the rhythmic motion of chewing gum boosts serotonin secretion, easing tension? Chewing gum for 20 minutes activates serotonin, providing a relaxing effect. According to Dr. Hideho Arita, a leading serotonin researcher, rhythmic activities influence the brainstem's rhythm formation mechanisms, regardless of the activity type. This means not only chewing but also walking and breathing can be effective.

Benefits for Your Hair

Chewing gum might enhance blood flow in the brain, which could benefit hair health. Research led by Harumi Horita from the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology showed that stimulating the "chewing area" in the rat cerebral cortex increased blood flow by nearly 50% in the frontal and parietal lobes. ZOOOM! Enhanced blood flow might be the key to thicker hair.

Moreover, chewing stimulates the secretion of aFGF (acidic fibroblast growth factor), which impacts the hippocampus responsible for memory. Thus, activating the brain through chewing might contribute to healthier hair.

Diet and Energy Expenditure

"Chew well and eat" is a common recommendation for effective dieting. Chewing activates the histamine neural system, which helps you feel full and prevents overeating. Additionally, it is said to make visceral fat easier to burn. CRUNCH CRUNCH! The rhythmic chewing motion helps burn fat!

Japanese studies have shown that savoring liquid food slowly before swallowing increases post-meal energy expenditure compared to drinking it normally. Chewing enhances diet-induced thermogenesis (DIT), promoting energy consumption.


The Secret of Saliva

The saliva produced through chewing is not just water. It contains NGF (nerve growth factor), EGF (epithelial cell growth factor), antibacterial substances, immunoglobulins, and digestive enzymes. DUN DUN DUN! Without saliva, the risks of periodontal disease, infections, aspiration pneumonia, and digestive disorders increase.


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