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GYM CONQUER ジム筋華のブランドイメージ

~Personal training/New sensation private gym~
Transform your body with extraordinary stimulation once a week!


“Life is so much more fun when you look good.”

Beginners and those with no experience are welcome!!
For one month, we will create and maintain a training menu individually designed for you through our official LINE account.
We support you in making sustainable dietary changes that are tailored to your habits.

GYM CONQUER ジム筋華のブランドイメージ

“Life is so much more fun when you look good.”

These words create a virtuous cycle that increases self-confidence, appeals to the opposite sex, and increases enthusiasm for beauty, fashion, and body building.

Appearance may not be everything, but if you can have an appearance that satisfies you and is seen favorably by others, your everyday life will be much more enjoyable, your expression will shine, and you will be able to live the life you want. It's not hard to imagine that it will become even easier to build.

Also, the face is not the only factor in good looks. Physical conditioning is also very important. A healthy and beautiful body obtained through training not only gives you good looks but also mental health and beauty. This mental health elevates your appearance from a superficial one to something richer and more certain.

GYM CONQUER ジム筋華のブランドイメージ


until you reach your ideal body.

Through the provision of training skills, knowledge (nutrition, research data from around the world),

Jim Sujika's mission is to support you.

And, without limiting it to temporary results in personal training,

We will help you make it a habit.

trainingFor those who are starting to become interested in or find it difficult to continue,

Training skills to ensure results,

Through the provision of knowledge (nutrition, research data from around the world),

Maintain and improve motivation

Under the guidance of a trainer who has a proven track record of building his body while working for a company,

We will make many working people realize that it is possible to build their body within a limited time.

A private space where you don't have to worry about other people's eyes,

You can train in a stylish/clean environment with the use of color in the equipment.

Improve your self-esteem by bringing your appearance closer to your ideal

GYM CONQUER ジム筋華のブランドイメージ

Chiba prefecture lowest price
Personal training/Rental gym

GYM CONQUER is the lowest priced personal training and rental gym in Chiba Prefecture.

~About personal training~

Based on Yoshinori Yamamoto's training and eating skills in a private environment.

We provide customized training.

The owner, who is also introduced on the VALX EAA9 site, will provide full support from training to meals and rest. Take the first step towards your ideal body.

~About the rental gym~

For rental gyms, go to Jim Sujika.

We offer rental gyms starting from 1,650 yen/hour.

KantoCompared to the average rental gym service of 2,500 yen/hour,Very cheap.

*In-house research, 323 companies included

~About the new sensation private gym~

Added an assistant to the rental gym service to encourage training motivation

We provide services unique to Jim Sujika.

*You may use the rental gym as a place for personal training other than our services.

Also ideal for joint training.

A scatter plot comparing the prices of gym rentals in each region of Japan. The vertical axis shows the price per hour in circles, and the horizontal axis plots the number of gyms in each area. The blue triangles represent the Tokyo area, the green circles represent the Kanagawa area, and the orange squares represent the Chiba area. GYM CONQUER's price is marked with a red dotted line at 1,650 yen per hour, indicating that it is in the mid-price range. The Tokyo area has the most dots and a wide price range. Kanagawa and Chiba show that prices are relatively concentrated.
GYM CONQUER ジム筋華のブランドイメージ


[7 minutes walk from Minamigyotoku Station on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line]


2-22-15 Kakemama, Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture

​Crest Palace Minami Gyotoku Room 002


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